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Individual and Group Therapy 
for Children and Adolescents

Kids Running

Youth Empowerment Group

Group Therapy Program

Youth Empowerment Group Room

Our Mission
True to Herself Therapy was established with the vision of providing tailored therapeutic services to meet the unique needs of each client according to their presenting problems. We strive to assist our clients in discovering self-purpose, increasing self-worth, and enriching self-love. Our goal is to help our clients manage anxiety, depression, relationships and cope with unwanted emotions and thoughts, thus facilitating them in being the best version of themselves.

Treatment Specializations Include:


Anxiety and/or Stress


Autism (ASD)

Behavioral Issues

Communication Skills



Grief & Loss

Life Transitions

Racial Identity

Self Esteem & Confidence Issues

Self Care/Self Help Task

Sibling, Interpersonal and/or Intrapersonal Conflicts

Social Skills

Self Harming Behaviors

Suicidal Ideations

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