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Youth Empowerment Group

Group Facilitators

Benefits of Group Therapy

Art Therapy

Art therapy combines creative therapeutic processes and psychotherapy to enhance self-exploration, healing, and understanding. Through using various art-making materials,  clients may express thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to express through language alone.

It lessens anxiety and stress to help a child overcome negative experiences. Group art therapy offers cohesiveness. It is where the participants feel a sense of belongingness, validation, and acceptance.
Art Class
Children Playing

Therapeutic Games

  • Improves social skills, social interactions and helps build rapport.

  • Improves healthy communication skills.
  • Improves frustration tolerance.
  • Increases healthy decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Improves children reactions and responses to set rules.
  • Opportunity to learn and practice coping skills and emotion regulation skills.

Play Therapy

  • Normalizes emotions and behaviors that children experience

  • Relationship-building and connection

  • Allows children to feel seen, heard and witnessed

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Practice coping skills

  • Enhances social and emotional awareness and skills

  • Improve problem solving skills

Kids in Preschool
Support Group_edited.jpg

Therapeutic Activities

  • Teaches group members better communication skills through group therapy activities.

  • Provides group members with a supporting, safe environment to share their thoughts.

  • Gives group members new ideas to try when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

  • Introduces group members to peers who are dealing with similar issues and can understand what they are going through.

  • Allows group members to practice social communication, social skills and interacting, conflict resolution skills and increasing their sense of belonging.

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